Your interest:
Combine our concept of bone targeted drug delivery with your compound in oncology, infection diseases, inflammation, pain management… Optimize thus the efficacy and the toxicity of your current or future compound.

Atlanthera is also open to out-licensing of its current portfolio in oncology and inflammation pathologies.

Our vision:
Be the leader in bone-targeted drug delivery to cure bone cancer and bone diseases

Our concept:
Bone-targeted delivery of anti-cancer drug or any other compound for inflammation, pain management…


Our advantages:

  • Selective bone tissue targeting = Achievement of very high local concentration of drug
  • High drug potency, reduction of side effects = use of higher and cumulative doses
  • Osteolysis (bone resorption) inhibition = prevention of vicious cycle between osteolysis and tumor proliferation
  • 4 worldwide patents on the compounds and on the concept
  • An expert Team and an international network of oncology specialists and bone specialists